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Our colleague Meike H. had the possibility in May well to present the industry-accompanying degree (IBS) at Sauer Compressors as a part of the industrial policy dialogue at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Here she comprehensive clinical science examination explains the advantages of such a degree and what else tends to make it intriguing. Briefly about myself: In 2010 I began to study mechanical engineering making use of the IBS method at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and successfully completed my research in 2015 using a master?s degree. I have been functioning as a product manager in technologies considering that 2013 and am responsible for compressor controls and accessories for compressors and compressed air systems. Also to my primary job, I coordinate and look immediately after our IBS students. In May the industrial policy dialogue took place at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. This platform serves the typical exchange of distinct political and economic associations, with the aim of strengthening the industrial place Kiel for the manufacturing business. Within this context, I was able to present the IBS course at Sauer.

Due to the fact 2004, Sauer has been employing the cooperation with all the Kiel University of Applied Sciences for IBS, i.e. Sauer accompanies the students throughout their research in the FH Kiel. The advantage of this technique is the fact that the theoretical understanding of your university is combined using the operational practice from the organization. Throughout the semester, the students are at the business 1 day with the week, the rest of your week being studied at the FH. The lecture-free time is then applied for the sensible phases inside the organization. Like all Sauer personnel, IBS students are also entitled to 30 days of getaway per year. There are presently 75 people functioning inside the technologies department, six of them are students. With Sauer you’ll be able to choose the technical degree courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or mechatronics. So that our students have an optimal begin with us, there’s an induction program in the beginning of their studies. An individual strategy is then drawn up for every single semester to ensure that the theoretical know-how is often combined with operational practice. Every of our students features a mentor (student from a greater semester), a technical make contact with person and also a supervisor for organizational matters. The aim is for the students to have to understand our workflows, processes and goods during their research. In the starting, all departments as a result undergo the assembly, electrics, test bench, warehouse and incoming goods inspection. Then they may be deployed in different technical teams. E.g. Design and style tasks from the area of ??R&D (research & development) processed, project engineers supported for customer orders or projects taken over from solution management.

The positive aspects of the IBS course are that theory and practice are directly linked and the course is co-financed by the training allowance. In addition, the IBS gives you a good insight into the different professional fields and can quickly enter professional life following completing your studies. Meike H., Produktmanagerin ?Controls & Accessories? More exciting articles. Industrial mechanical engineering degree (IBS) Within this article, Rene M. describes how he experienced the commence of his studies in the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the first semester break at Sauer in Friedrichsort. Sauer trainees in the Technical Academy North. What do the industrial mechanics and cutting machine operators from Sauer do in their first year of training? Soon after the introductory period at Sauer, our trainees first go to TA Nord for a fixed period. What they learn there, tell in this blog Leroy, Abdullah and Niklas. Began my apprenticeship as a technical solution designer. Philip began his training as a technical solution designer on August 1, 2019. In this blog, he tells what he learned and experienced in the first few months inside the organization and also in vocational school.

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